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E-Pound (EPX) – Hydra Network ?

E-Pound (EPX) – Hydra Network Eco-system Token will be issued by Hydra Network through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the Hydra Network platform (www.hydranetwork.io). E-Pound (EPX) will be issued on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC20 token. An amount of 1 billion E-Pound (EPX) will be created, never to be increased. As part of the Initial Coin Offering a maximum of 500,000,000 E-Pound (EPX) will be offered. Directly after the ICO and launching of Hydra Network Exchange, E-Pound (EPX) will be listed and tradeable on the Hydra Network Exchange against the available fiat currencies as well as Bitcoin (BTC) and other selected cryptocurrencies. In the same time, E-Pound (EPX) will be added to other well-known exchanges after the completion of agreements with those exchanges that we are currently in talks with.


Hydra Network’s vision

Bitcoin and blockchain technology showed us that borders do not matter anymore for digital assets. The goal is to connect the financial world in a way that the internet did with information. Lower the barriers, and make it fair and let everyone participate

Cryptocurrencies also showed that people want to be able to invest whenever they want. No opening hours, no closed trading. Instead, 24/7, 365 days a year availability.

In addition, the digitization of assets also allows a so far unprecedented possibility of divisibility


Hydra Network Exchange

The Hydra Network Exchange is going to be developed by a professional dedicated team of highly skilled people. Its state-of-the-art platform will make all digital assets tradeable on the Hydra Network Exchange. Further-more, it will also act as an intermediary to ensure supply and demand for Hydra Network platform & E-Pound (EPX) Token.

Targeting professional traders, the exchange will offer professional trading solutions, price-matching capabilities and fully automated clearing, settlement and netting processes. The Hydra Network Exchange will enable traders to trade crypto assets and other digital assets at competitive costs. Additionally, the Hydra Network platform will be able to trade on the exchange within its own value chain and sustain liquidity.

Investing in 2022

The state of investing

First, the age group from 18 to 34 is about to enter their prime earning years, which means more liquidity and money to invest.

Second, being self-employed is one of the fundamental aspirations for this generation. 54% plan to start their own business while 27% are already self-employed.

Third, they are about to inherit massive wealth from their baby boomer parents. Both potentially means further acceleration of net worth.


E-POUND Benefits

Gain profits generated from Hydra Network Business Projects and more.

25% Rewards
Ultra Fast & Secure

Holder rewards up to 25% for the first year

More Profits
Highly Scalable

Gain profits generated from Hydra Network Business Projects

Partners Discounts
Reliable & Low Cost

Discounts vouchers for buying from Hydra Network partners.


Token Sale

The tokens will be available for transfer.

Phase 1
15 FEB 2022

23 Days

Price of
0.06 USD
Phase 2
10 March 2022

23 Days

Price of
0.08 USD
Phase 3
02 April 2022

25 Days

Price of
0.09 USD
Join Our
Pre-Sale List
Pre-Sale Start at 03 July 2018
  • Issuer Hydra Network
  • Token Symbol EPX
  • Token type Utility token
  • Amount issued 1 billion E-Pound (EPX)
  • Token Price $0.06 USD
  • Maximum amount of sale 0.5 billion E-Pound (EPX)
  • Start ICO 15/02/2022
  • End of ICO 19/05/2022

Operating Allocation

8% Bounty
12% Presale
20% Team & Advisor
25% Reserve Fund
35% Reserve Fund

Token Allocation

50% For sale
25% Company Reserve
10% Marketing
10% Team & Advisors
5% Bounties& AirDrops

Read Our Whitepaper

Here is our whitepaper that help you to understand about E-POUND.


Road Map

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Q2 , 2020
Start Point
Project idea
Q4, 2021
Announcement of the project
Q1, 2022
Time to start
ICO starts
Q3, 2022
Distribution of EPX and Airdrops
Q3 2022
Completion of the platform
Q3, 2022
Holder rewards starts
Q4, 2022
EPX Exchange
Release of the exchange
Q4 , 2022
Mobile App
Release of Android and IOS application
Q1, 2023
Completion of the Business Launchpad
Q2 , 2023
First Business Project
First Business By Hydra Network
Coming Soon
More to come

Frequently asked questions

E-Pound (EPX) is the fuel of Hydra Network Eco-system. Holders of EPX BENEFIT from a wide range of rewards and perks.

Holder rewards up to 25% for the first year. Gain profits generated from Hydra Network Business Projects. Discounts for buying vouchers for Hydra Network partners. Varity of services and perks for EPX holders. Exclusive Hydra Network Business Launchpad access and more to come

Contract Address: 0xAC87d25acDb8EB1bED156Ba483dA8a43ba2aEb52
Contract link

EPX will be placed on exchanges by the end of 2022 as planned.